Sunday, January 16, 2022

First Drawings of the Creation of Spyro - January 14 1997

This month marks the 25th anniversary of when I first started working on the character that would become Spyro the Dragon for the original PlayStation video game console. Almost to the day. I was at Insomniac Games on the Universal Studios lot. It was January 14 1997.

By coincidence 2 days ago on January 14 2022 I dug up all of the original Spyro art which I own. There's 103 pages that I created for what was called "Project Pete" at the time.  This is the first publication of the very first page.

I created 16 pages of character designs on the first day of work. By the end of the second day Jan 15 1997 the count was 31 and I was tuning in to the character.

By day 3 Jan 16 1997 there were 38 pages and I had pretty much nailed the look of the little dragon that would become Spyro. On Jan 23 he was refined further and we had the final design.

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